Notes from the Wild

  • How often should you wash merino wool ?

    We have all heard of Merino wool and maybe you own one of our merino wool scarves or throws. But how often should I wash my merino wool item is one question many people wonder that I wanted to explore in this blog. Merino wool is a relatively new fibre to mainstream shopping that is becoming more and more popular

  • The story of angora fibre

    As Easter hops towards us I want to write about something seasonal and yet related to what we are all about here at Wild Wool. I started thinking of chocolate bunnies, then rabbits and very quickly it lead me to this video I saw about angora. I have wanted to write about this since I saw a video from PETA

  • Loving Linen

    Hello dearest Wild and Woolly friends As we poke our heads out from a deep winter and spring starts to blossom we find ourselves in a new office. I just moved house and now we have a new fresh and larger office space from which to create a summer feel for Wild wool, hence the long blog silence for some

  • Soggy sailing and cosy rainbow rewards!

    I just got back from a gorgeous three-week sailing trip in Greece and hope you managed to see the bamboo sock sailing photo from my boat. The weather was wild and rainy as well as sunny and I spent more time than I wanted to in my waterproofs with bare feet. One evening after a rainy sail I remembered I

  • 8 Reasons to love wool

    8 Reasons to love wool Wool has been used for centuries to keep people and animals warm all over the world. Maybe you have used it yourself and you know how amazing it is to wear, but do you know the facts about why you love wool? We wanted to tell you all we know about what makes wool our

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