8 Reasons to love wool

8 Reasons to love wool
17 August 2020 Lynsey Tiplady
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8 Reasons to love wool

Wool has been used for centuries to keep people and animals warm all over the world. Maybe you have used it yourself and you know how amazing it is to wear, but do you know the facts about why you love wool? We wanted to tell you all we know about what makes wool our superhero, and why you might be finding it so great to wear that woolly scarf you so love.

 1.It’s Natural

Of course, wool is a 100 % natural fibre that can’t be beaten. It has been used and loved for many, many years due to its weather protection, warmth, UV protection, non-toxic and flame-retardant qualities.

2. It’s renewable

Sheep grow a coat every year and are happy to be free of this in the summer. So wool is totally renewable, sustainable and available for us to weave and spin into all the beautiful blankets and socks we sell.

3. It’s biodegradable

No landfill here – straight back to the earth with woollen throws and scarves. What a great resource!

4. It’s durable

Wool is surprisingly strong, stretchable and will last you a very long time compared to synthetic material. The fibres resist tearing and are able to be bent back on themselves over 20,000 times without breaking. That’s super strong and makes for great scarves, socks and throws.

5. It’s warm…. and it’s a natural insulator.

If you have worn wool, you will know it’s the best fibre for keeping you warm. We should remember that its ability to retain heat is so great, that as well as being used to keep people warm it’s used as a natural insulator for keeping houses warm also.

6. It’s Breathable

Many man-made fibres are so uncomfortable to wear these days. Wool is breathable and can absorb moisture, it regulates temperature and allows airflow. Merino wool thermals are everyone’s favourite.

7. Its Odour resistant

Wool absorbs sweat and releases it so quickly that we don’t suffer from fusty old clothes. Many wool items can go for years without washing and won’t smell. I have tested this and it’s true! Also check out my blog on “How often should you wash merino wool ” here

 And a not so well know fact to keep you fascinated with wool.

8. Wool lowers your heart rate!

A study was conducted that tested what the effects of a variety of fibres were on sleep, and wool comforters were found to lower people’s heart rates and keep the skin drier!! A lower heart rate indicated the sleeper was in more of a relaxed state than the other subjects. Wow. Pop that woollen blanket over you for your afternoon nap, and hey presto.

We can’t say enough good things about wool. Weighing the evident benefits of natural fibres against man-made fibres that commonly end up in landfill sites for years (centuries!), buying wool, wearing wool and using it in your home, seems a no-brainer. For us, it’s got to be the best way forward. Check out our website where you can further explore the wonders of wool.


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