We have all been a bit wild lately

We have all been a bit wild lately
14 August 2020 Lynsey Tiplady
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I am just sitting here realising we have all been going a bit wild of late.

Everyone I speak to has been roaming their local hills, lanes and fields discovering more and more of their local Wilderness.

My husband and I feel like we know every track and walk there is to know around us and so do all my friends it seems.

We live in Totnes and are so lucky that it is so wild here. Lambs and calves in the fields down the road and local goats milk within a short walk to make yoghurt.

I think we all yearn for the wild and wool is part of that connection back to nature, the smell and touch of something that is from the hills.

A woollen throw to nurture us around a fire or on the sofa takes us back to our roots and connection to the wild.

I really hope we all decide to keep up our new connection to the wild. When I think about Wild Wool I realise for me it was about making sure that what I sold made me feel good also. I get a lot of pleasure from the beautiful throws and scarves I sell, not just in the selling but in the use of them.

I hope you have all been snuggled up under a blanket in lockdown too, pondering life.

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