Soggy sailing and cosy rainbow rewards!

Soggy sailing and cosy rainbow rewards!
8 October 2020 Lynsey Tiplady
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I just got back from a gorgeous three-week sailing trip in Greece and hope you managed to see the bamboo sock sailing photo from my boat. The weather was wild and rainy as well as sunny and I spent more time than I wanted to in my waterproofs with bare feet.

One evening after a rainy sail I remembered I had my cashmere shawl and woollen socks in my locker. This was a very exciting moment for a soggy sailor.

The feeling of popping on my scarf and socks was extraordinary. Synthetic waterproofs serve a purpose but the feel on the skin isn’t something I enjoy. My scarf felt like velvet, so soft and I had a real moment of realizing why so many people love cashmere and natural fibres. They feel great, wool is amazing, especially cashmere.

As I sat on the back of a boat the rain stopped and I saw this most perfect rainbow.

Life was good, I was warm and the two small woolly comforts I had couldn’t have felt better.

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