Wild Wool in a time of Covid

Wild Wool in a time of Covid
21 July 2020 Lynsey Tiplady
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Wild Wool was created out of a passion to start up a business selling beautiful things, things either made in the UK, fairly-traded or recycled, at markets.

To begin with, many moons ago, I was not a fan of ‘online’ commerce.  Each Christmas I would chisel out a little bit of precious pre-Xmas prep time to add images and prices for a selection of throws and scarves to keep the website stocked.

But times have changed, especially with the presence of Covid-19, and now everyone has gone online.

As a business owner, I see I must change with the times and go with the flow sometimes,  But it also feels important to create something unique out of this occasion that fits Wild Wool, my own beloved business.

So I got myself a website builder after weeks of research and that fell through due to charities needing web builders quickly, and of course, that was understandable.

Onwards I trudged and then tried setting up an Insta account, joining an online SEO optimization course with an old friend #maddyshine, and dabbling in the idea of blogging.

Me, blogging! Gulp!

Wool is still my passion and face-to-face market selling is where my most homely workplace lies but the times are a-changing and Wild Wool is working to create an online community right now, with your help.

So, as it turns out, I now am now really excited about this idea of having an online community of people who are interested in what I do, our eco credentials, fairtrade products and British-made buying credentials, as well as our singular bamboo socks.

For me, it’s all about tuning into to all the things around my business and in life I haven’t found time for.

For example, I take time on one of my beautiful old friends (the beige multi-spot throw) to do yoga each day in the garden or have an afternoon nap under it to feed my soul, and I feel lucky to be selling such wonderful woolly products that are nurturing for myself and for many others.

It is this source of gorgeous relaxation that made me want to offer these products in the first place, and it’s a blessing to be reminded of this!

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